Author: Priya

Cryptopia: Court orders exchange to pay $274,408 to Phoenix NAP for regaining control over customers’ data

Cryptopia, the now-defunct New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange, released an update for its customers on 27 May 2019. Along with the update, the exchange also released a copy of the United States Bankruptcy Court of New York approving the firm’s “emergency motion for provisional relief.” Notably, David Ian Ruscoe from Grant […]

Augur [REP]: Decentralized prediction markets are going to be much tougher to shut down

Arianna Simpson, the Founder and Managing Director of Autonomous Partners, recently spoke about the prediction market and the cryptocurrency space, with the main focus being Augur Project, on Twitter. The early-stage investor remarked that prediction market was one of the “most fascinating yet poorly understood areas” of Decentralized Finance. She […]

Bitcoin [BTC]: Strongest reason for price rise is evolution of different players coming in, says ErisX CEO

Tom Chippas, CEO of ErisX Digital, spoke about the price rise of Bitcoin and institutional investors, one of its speculated reasons, during an interview with TD Ameritrade Network. On the rise, the CEO stated that there were several catalysts that could have been the reason, adding that the “strongest” reason […]