Author: Tokoni Uti

U.S. Presidential Candidates, From Best to Worst

With US election season soon to be upon us, BTCmanager ranks some of the candidates thus far, from the enthusiasts to the apathists to the critics. Diverse Players While the US Presidential elections are over a year away, many early contenders are already emerging and there is already much talk […]

Interview with Robin Matze, Blockchain Lawyer and Advisor to the German government

There are few things more complex than Blockchain and crypto legislation, especially when it comes to getting laws passed that will bring about adoption. BTCManager speaks with Robin Matze, a blockchain lawyer and advisor to the German government about how to get those in positions of power to embrace blockchain […]

You Are What You Eat: The Place of Blockchain in the Future of Food

As food producers and restaurants come under scrutiny for their quality and content, blockchain has found itself in a whole new emerging market in the form of food tracking. Universally Eating Across cultures and countries, one thing that is consistent between human beings from all walks of life is food. […]

How Crypto Can Save the Travel Industry

Despite the prevalence of online travel agencies, consumers are still facing the problems of inefficiencies such as high commission fees for hotel partners and endless fake reviews which damages consumer trust. We spoke with Matthew Luczynski, CEO, and Co-Founder at Travala, about how crypto could be the missing link as […]

Does Crypto Need Celebrity?

In a world of celebrity-promoted everything, does crypto need a celebrity revolution to go mainstream, or would that do more harm than good? Crypto of Personality In late April 2019, it was announced that reality star and social media influencer Kim Kardashian charges up to a million dollars for each […]