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Court Orders Craig Wright to Appear Personally at a Mediation to Address Bitcoin Theft Allegation

In a recently filed court document, controversial and self-acclaimed Satoshi, Craig Wright has been ordered to appear personally at mediation to address the allegation that he stole 1.1 million bitcoin (BTC) from Dave Kleiman. Craig Wright Want Video Conference Responding to the court orders, Craig Wright had requested permission to […]

You Can Now Use Bitcoin To Buy on Amazon

Bitcoin owners can now shop on Amazon thanks to a payment-processing browser extension called Moon. Crypto payment processing startup Moon has announced that it will be accepting any lightning-enabled wallet which can be used via Moon’s browser extension. Prior to the introduction of the lightning feature, nearly 250 beta users […]

Now You Can Pay With BTC in Amazon via Lightning Network Thanks to Moon

One of the important attributes for measuring the success of BTC is by how widely adopted it is not just in terms of wallets, but also in the number of use cases that it fulfills. However, perhaps because of a lack of trust or education, many companies refuse to experiment […]