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BTC’s existential limitations the primary reason for rise of altcoin universe?

The Financial Action Task Force [FATF], an inter-governmental body that includes the most influential countries in the world such as the United States, Russia, China, United Kingdom, and Germany, has taken the first step towards providing better regulatory clarity that was much sought after by several businesses in the cryptocurrency […]

Reserve Bank of Australia faults Bitcoin over miner’s fee and transaction costs

The sentiment around Bitcoin’s price has turned massively positive due to its recent price movement; the real question is if there is enough momentum to push the price to $10,000 and beyond since there is a massive resistance at this level. Ascending Right Angled Broadening Formation There are two scenarios […]

Bitcoin is a poor store of value compared to Australian dollars, claims Reserve Bank of Australia

Ethereum had gone silent with all the mainstream developments happening with Ripple, XRP and Facebook’s Libra. However, Ethereum seems to be back in the limelight, although briefly, due to Grayscale announcement. Grayscale announced the launch of trading for Grayscale Ethereum Trust “ETHE” on June 20. With this, ETHE is now […]

World’s first Bitcoin ETF may find its home in the land down under as Australian accounting firm contemplates proposal

Adoption is a major dilemma in the cryptocurrency space, with virtual assets continuously working towards legitimate approval for worldwide implementation. Bitcoin [BTC], which is evidently the most preferred one in the ecosystem due its high price valuation and popularity, has recently been trying to receive an ETF approval. The ETF […]