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Binance IEO Effect dwarfs ‘Coinbase Effect’ as users get rich off Binance’s IEO tokens

The ICO boom of 2017 was the major reason behind many altcoins pumping massively. Several coins without proper resource allocations raised millions of dollars and delivered nothing, while coin holders took profits. However, SEC’s crackdown put an end to such scams and paved the way for other investment methods for […]

Binance Coin (BNB) Price Breaks Its All Time High of $36.3, Lowers Its Fee Structure

After reaching its ATH of $36.3, Binance DEX announced it would lower its fee structure for BNB. The validators have proposed and voted on lowering the fee structure on Binance Chain, most of which are reduced by 50%. Binance Сoin price continued its rising trend as the exchange accelerates its […]

Crypto Analyst: IEO Tokens Matic, Harmony One, More to Bring 1000x Returns to Holders

Upon any visit to crypto Twitter or any online cryptocurrency community for that matter, and you’ll be hard pressed to avoid over the top shilling of the recent IEO tokens, notably the Binance Launchpad-born tokens, Harmony One, Celr, Fetch, BitTorrent Token, and the Coinbase Ventures-backed Matic.

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs): The Next Disruptive Force in the Crypto Space?

Photo: Shutterstock Initial Exchange Offerings or IEOs are the latest trend taking the crypto space by storm. An IEO can be thought of as variations of the more familiar Initial Coin Offering model. Both models share some similarities but have some critical differences as well. IEO Vs ICO, What’s the […]

Harmony (ONE) Will Be Available for Trading on Binance DEX

Photo: Harmony / Twitter As it has become known today, Harmony (ONE) tokens will be available for trading on Binance decentralized exchange DEX. Harmony made a proposal to the community to list ONE as a BEP2 token on May 29, and on May 30, the proposal got its formal approval from […]

Binance Announces Harmony (ONE) Token Sale Results

Harmony Protocol initial exchange offering (IEO) went through its lottery ticket claim on Binance. The highly publicized token sale performed well, comparable to other Binance-based IEOs. After surviving sixth-largest hack of a cryptocurrency exchange in history, Binance has reopened its doors, coming with another multi-million project. Binance Launchpad has today […]

Celer and Matic Integrate to Bring Layer-Two Scaling Solutions

Photo: Celer Network / Medium The crypto markets seem to be struggling to recover from the recent crypto winter. However, developments in the underlying blockchains are heading upwards. Both the Matic and Celer network teams are happy to announce the successful integration of some of their primary services. During ETHNewYork […]

Harmony IEO: Decentralization at Scale

Photo: Harmony / LinkedIn In the highly volatile crypto industry, scalability, security, and decentralization have always been under question. To deal with all the issues mentioned and enable decentralized economies for billions of people, the world’s leading crypto exchange Binance has announced its next IEO project – Harmony. Let’s drill […]

Matic Price Surges 76%, Is the Coinbase Listing In Sight?

Photo: Coinspeaker It seems that this week began pretty great for Binance coins that were (and still are) killing it on the 24h leaderboard. Celer Network rose 39,9% to $0,02 while Fetch AI had also considerable growth of 37,84% to $0,28. However, the trophy goes to MATIC Network that surged […]

Binance Launchpad introduces Harmony (One); fifth project to launch token sale on platform

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum and CEO of IOHK, recently spoke about privacy and ZCash, in an interview with CoinDesk. Notably, the remarks made by Hoskinson grabbed the attention of Riccardo Spagni aka fluffypony, the lead maintainer of Monero [XMR]. However, this eventually resulted in a Twitter rebuttal between […]