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Binance Research: Altcoins record significant gains against BTC; commoners finally catching up to the king?

With Bitcoin [BTC] riding a massive bullish wave, breaking resistance after resistance, you would be forgiven if you turned a blind eye to the performance of the altcoins. The massive BTC price rally shrank the altcoin market to under 40 percent at one point, but now it looks like the […]

Bithumb resumes services, Ryan Selkis’s FOIL request for XRP II affiliate sales and more

Coin Share’s CSO, Meltem Demirors, spoke to CNBC and explained what she thinks of Bitcoin’s sudden surge in price and how institutional/retail investors are reacting to this. Meltem Demirors said that there could be an indirect correlation between the trade wars and questions about global growth; also adding that it […]

Bitcoin [BTC] has provided far higher returns than most traditional assets, claims Binance research

The cryptocurrency community was left in confusion and exhilaration over the past few days after Bitcoin [BTC] pumped again and the valuation breached $8000. While many analysts were left uncertain and hesitant, Tone Vays, Bitcoin proponent and analyst, stated that he did not trust the current Bitcoin rally from a […]

Binance Research Identifies Design Flaw on Prediction Market Platform Augur

According to April 1, 2019, report by Binance Research, a number of design flaws have been discovered in predictions-market platform Augur that can easily be exploited by malicious persons to defraud genuine users out of their staked tokens. The report posits that low volumes have made the Ethereum-based decentralized predictions […]

Monero [XMR]’s privacy feature may lead to pressure on countries to address status of privacy coins

Monero [XMR], one of the leading privacy coins in the space, was in the headlines earlier this month because of its hard fork. The coin has now made a comeback due to the same reason. Binance Research posted a research article titled, ‘Examining the Implications Behind Monero’s Latest Fork’ that […]