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Bitcoin’s Price May Rise after Congress Hearings on Facebook’s Libra Сryptocurrency

Investors hold their breath in anticipation of Congress Hearing on Facebook’s Libra set up for July 16-17. What’s in store for Bitcoin? David Marcus, the head of the department that manages Libra project at Facebook, will soon have to testify to the Senate Banking Committee and the House Financial Services […]

Trump Has the Power to Ban Bitcoin, But Can He Really Do It?

Trump says that he is not a fan of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, but can he ban its transactions and operations in the United States or Congress stands in his way legally? The United States President finally commented about the cryptocurrency industry last week on July 12 since taking office in […]

Bitcoin Price Slips Around $10,000 Levels in an Overall Crypto Market Slump

Last week, the overall cryptocurrency market lost early $50 billion valuations with Bitcoin alone losing $25 billion and altcoins contributing the rest. On Sunday, July 14, Bitcoin price slipped below $10,000 levels but recovered back now trading at $10,320. After three months of a massive bull run since April 2019, […]

Bitcoin Price Clings to $10K Support After a Volatile Weekend

Bitcoin price (BTC) traded above $10,000 July 15 after a weekend of heavy losses spelled disaster for cryptocurrencies across the board. Market visualization courtesy of Coin360 Data from Coin360 showed BTC/USD holding onto support above the key barrier Monday, having temporarily dropped as low as $9,912.  The 9.7% daily losses […]

Crypto Markets Continue Trading in Red, Oil Reports Losses

Thursday, July 11 — major cryptocurrency markets are trading in the red zone, with just a few coins reporting moderate gains, according to Coin360. Market visualization courtesy of Coin360 The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has continued coming down after yesterday;s sharp drop to trade at around $11,740 as of press time. […]