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Crypto Analyst: Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Predicts Leading Crypto Will Shatter $10 Million – BTC, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin Forecasts

A crypto analyst known for applying the stock-to-flow ratio to Bitcoin has revealed a set of massive calls on where the price of BTC may be heading. Stock-to-flow is typically used to analyze precious metals, and calculates the current supply of a given commodity divided by the amount produced per […]

US Treasury Secretary: Bitcoin a “national security issue,” cryptocurrency dominated by illicit activity and speculation

Following President Trump’s derisive tweet about Bitcoin, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin held a briefing on regulating Bitcoin and Facebook’s Libra because of their use in criminal activity and the threat they pose to the financial system. An hour ago the U.S. Department of Treasury held a briefing to […]

US Treasury Secretary Shares Trump’s Concerns on Crypto, Stresses Compliance

United States Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin shares President Donald Trump’s concerns on the use of cryptocurrency to finance illicit activity, and stresses the role of enforcing FinCEN regulations with respect to crypto-dealing organizations. Mnuchin made his remarks at a press conference on July 15. Mnuchin called the use of cryptocurrencies […]

US Treasury Secretary Slams Bitcoin, Crypto and Libra As a ‘National Security Issue’

In a press conference on Monday, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called Facebook’s controversial digital asset, Libra, along with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, a “national security issue.” Just days after President Trump came out swinging against Bitcoin and crypto, Mnuchin issued his own warning about the technology. “Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin […]

Is Lightning Network’s ‘Justice’ stern enough for thefts that occur on Bitcoin’s 2nd layer solution?

Lightning Network, is so far, the best second layer solution that Bitcoin has witnessed in a very long time. BitMEX Research’s third article on LN dives deep into the punishment system for premature and non-informed closure of nodes. As seen in the image below, there are four ways a Lightning […]