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How Bitcoin Might Help the World’s Oppressed Sidestep Censorship – in Space

A loose group of developers are testing out the idea that the combination of bitcoin and orbital communication might provide a means for stopping governments or other powerful entities from suppressing news they don’t like. Censorship is a worldwide problem, with one of the more recent examples include a new […]

Store, Send, and Receive Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) on Blockstream Green

The Liquid Network, the world’s “first production Bitcoin sidechain”, is now accessible from the mobile wallet Blocksream Green. The update is supported on both iOS and Android, and allows its users to take advantage of Liquid Bitcoin in a simple and direct way, as revealed in an official blog post, […]

Blockstream Green introduces Liquid Network support to enable confidential transactions

When the financial factors of cryptocurrencies are taken out of the picture, blockchain developments and update implementation on the mainnet network take center stage for various virtual assets. Blockstream is widely popular in the cryptospace for its leading work in developing Bitcoin from the technological point of view. One such […]

Blockstream Introduces Atomic Swaps on Liquid Bitcoin Sidechain

Blockstream created an ‘experimental’ Liquid Swap Tool introduced to Liquid Bitcoin Sidechain. The tool uses atomic swaps to trade more securely between tokens by eliminating middlemen who have suffered hacks and lost investors’ funds in the past. Blockstream created an ‘experimental’ tool that enables users to trade ‘trustlessly’ between tokens […]

Blockstream Launches Atomic Swaps on Liquid Bitcoin Sidechain

Blockstream has created an “experimental” tool that makes it easier for users to trade “trustlessly” between tokens launched on its Liquid sidechain. Dubbed Liquid Swap Tool, the platform uses “atomic swaps,” a cryptographic technology that already serves as backbone for newer decentralized exchanges currently in development. The motivation for these […]

Blockstream Announces Liquid Atomic Swaps for Bitcoin and Crypto Assets

Blockstream has announced the creation of an atomic swap platform called Liquid Swap Tool according to official documentation on its website, announced in a Tweet, July 1, 2019. The Bitcoin infrastructure developer says the Liquid Swap tool enables users to carry out atomic swaps on all assets hosted on the […]

Blockstream Launches Tool to Enable Atomic Swaps on Liquid Network

Blockchain company Blockstream developed a new feature which allows users to make atomic swaps for all crypto assets available on the Liquid network. The Liquid Network is a sidechain linked to the bitcoin (BTC) blockchain which settles payments for crypto exchanges, brokers, market makers, and other financial establishments. The network […]

Two Persons Referred to in Bitcoin White Paper Share Views on the Future of Cryptos

Two persons cited on the Bitcoin white paper – Blockstream CEO Adam Back and Yugen Partners Chief Scientist Scott Stornetta, share their thoughts on the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology in the whole. Blockstream CEO Adam Back, the person responsible for creating hashcash, and Yugen Partners Chief Scientist Scott […]