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Bitcoin Price & Technical Analysis: BTC is There and Backed Again

Photo: Shutterstock By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex. The Bitcoin may have hard time in July. The largest South Korea bank to start using cryptocurrency. On W1, the major crypto reached 38.20% Fibo, and the uptrend stopped. The new target may lie at $6465, which is the support. Still, […]

Bitcoin Price & Technical Analysis: BTC Correcting, and No Wonder

Photo: PxHere By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex. Bitcoin’s creator is still unknown SEC did not approve BTC ETF’s Craig Wright, an Australian scientist, was not the one who created Bitcoin. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto is still unknown. This conclusion was driven by the US Copyright Bureau: Wright is not […]

Bitcoin Price & Technical Analysis: BTC Heading Up Again

Photo: Tim Reckmann / Flickr By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex. SEC postponed its decision on Bitcoin ETF again. eBay will not support cryptos. BTC Rallying: A medley of reasons. The SEC postponed its BTC ETF decision again. The matter has been discussed for over four months so far, […]

So Much for $6000 Resistance, Bitcoin Price Dominance Reaches Sixteen Month High

After a week of bullish price movement, U.S.-based investors awoke May 11 to the sight of Bitcoin up 8 percent, approaching a relative high of $7000. Despite April’s bullish turn in the crypto markets, analysts were calling for substantial resistance in BTC surmounting $6000. In November 2018 the price of […]

SFOX: Bitcoin Looks ‘Mildly Bullish’ For May 2019

Crypto analytics firm SFOX has released their most recent report on the state of the crypto markets, finding the outlook for May to be ‘mildly’ bullish for Bitcoin. According to the most recent report and SFOX’s Multi-Factor Market, BTC continues to look mildly bullish entering the new month. While the […]

Bitcoin at $6000 Could Prove Pivotal for Institutional Investors

As the crypto markets make a slight recovery following their plummet earlier in the week, all eyes turn to the continued price gains of Bitcoin. Since the start of the year, BItcoin has posted more than 50 percent in gains, with the $6000 price mark becoming the next significant hurdle […]

Altcoin Trouble Ahead? Bitcoin (BTC) Dominance On the Rise

On April 23, the crypto markets took a turn that have some questioning the outlook on altcoins. While the altcoin market has been holding its own against Bitcoin, with currencies like Binance Coin posting 300 percent gains since the start of the year, the market appears to be swaying in […]

Tom Lee Updates Bitcoin Misery Index, At Highest Level in Bear Market

Popular cryptocurrency pundit and Fundstrat Global Advisors analyst Tom Lee issued an update on his “Bitcoin Misery Index” in an interview with CoinTelegraph published on April 19. According to the analyst, Bitcoin is reaching new heights by the BMI indicators, establishing new markers that have yet to occur in a […]

Adamant Capital: Bitcoin in ‘Accumulation Phase’ Before Next Bull Run

A new report by Adamant Capital concludes that the bear market for Bitcoin might be nearing an end, with the currency entering an accumulation phase before the next big bull run. Compared to the crypto winter of 2018, during which investors were forced to shed BTC or suffer losses as […]