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Breaking: Ripple Partners With Moneygram for XRP Utilization

Ripple Enters Massive Partnership; XRP Spikes According to a post published to the blog of Ripple Labs, the San Francisco-headquartered fintech company has joined in a partnership with MoneyGram, one of the world’s most prominent money transfer firms. As a result, the value of the XRP crypto asset has spiked, […]

Goldbug Schiff: Facebook’s Crypto Will be Bad for Bitcoin (BTC)

Facebook is Bad for Bitcoin? June 18th is nearing, and that means that Facebook’s crypto asset, expected to be nothing like Bitcoin, is on the verge of becoming full public knowledge. For those who missed the memo, the next week is expected to see the Silicon Valley darling release a […]

All-in On Bitcoin: Square’s Crypto Division Snags Google Alumnus

Square Crypto Takes the Plunge (… Finally) A little over an hour ago, Square Crypto, the Silicon Valley firm’s Bitcoin (BTC) centric initiative/division started making some, uh, odd tweets. Introducing itself as Gary Fuches, the handle, run by Square, the financial technology play by Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey, claimed […]

Next Bitcoin (BTC) Boon to Be Facebook’s Globalcoin: Industry Investor

Next Bitcoin Boon As more news has been published in regards to Facebook’s crypto venture, experts of Bitcoin (BTC) have begun to speculate as to what effect the social media giant will have on cryptocurrency. Some are taking this discussion cynically, screaming that the Silicon Valley firm’s foray into the […]

Giant Korean Bank May Get Into Crypto, Could Catalyze Bitcoin Rally

Massive Institution Looks to Store Crypto Reported by CoinDesk on Tuesday, Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets may soon be stored by KB Kookmin, South Korea’s largest bank. Citing a report from its Korea branch, the outlet revealed that on June 10th, the financial institution and a local blockchain upstart […]

Crypto Media Outlet CCN Closes Up Shop, Cites Google June Algorithm Shift

Crypto News Shop Closes Doors Crypto media outlet CCN — also known as CryptoCoinsNews — has just revealed that it will be shutting its doors in the coming days. In a fiery editorial piece, Jonas Borchgrevink, the founder of CCN and its network, explained what went down. Borchgrevink explained that […]

Ethereum: $100M Fund Goes Ten Years Long on ETH Amid Strong Fundamentals

New Fund Entirely Bullish on Ethereum For some reason or another, Ethereum (Ether/ETH) has been underperforming Bitcoin since the start of the bull trend. While the lead cryptocurrency is down a relatively mere 60% from its all-time high, ETH is still down by over 75%, still wallowing in the doldrums […]

Tron’s CEO Can Bring Seven to Bitcoin Cynic Buffett’s Lunch: Who to Bring?

Bitcoin Hater Buffett To Endure Lunch With To-Be-Named Crypto Boosters On Monday, crypto history was made when Bitcoin hater Warren Buffett was revealed to be having lunch with Tron’s Justin Sun. For those who missed the memo, Sun managed to outbid all of Wall Street and Silicon Valley in an […]