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Max’s Corner: Apple and Facebook and the (Not So) Great Crypto Arms Race

The sign outside the main entrance to Facebook HQ. Photo: Facebook With recent news reports lending credence to the idea that there is a big-tech blockchain arms race going on, all eyes this past week were on Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference—specifically the cryptography session—where Apple’s new CryptoKit was unveiled. Having […]

Max’s Corner: How the Crypto West Is Being Won

Photo: QuoteInspector As blockchain technology continues to weave itself inextricably into the fabric of modern life, institutions are being forced to come to grips with the new realities of finance. As it stands now, following the euphoria of the 2017 boom and the doomsday drear of the long crypto winter, […]

Max’s Corner: NYC Blockchain Week and Questions in Venezuela

Photo: Unsplash Blockchain Week in New York City has become something of a bellwether for the status of the burgeoning industry. Last May the euphoria from the heights of the previous winter had not yet abated by the time this event came around, as evidenced by the Lamborghinis punctuating 6th […]

Max’s Corner: Forking into the Future

Photo: Pixabay Before we get into the specifics of the hardforks we are going to cover (including Bytecoin’s own fork), I think it is worthwhile to establish what exactly a hardfork is and why hardforks are enacted. To do that we have to start at the beginning with the way […]

Max’s Corner: The Ramping Up of the Corporate Exodus into Blockchain

Photo: Pixabay Two weeks ago we used this space to talk about a report written by Professor Dr. Tim Weingartner of Lucerne University on the role blockchain technology and tokenization is playing in the construction of the new, digital world. Weingartner wrote about a virtual reality that was superseding a […]

Max’s Corner: The Satoshi Saga and the Importance of Anonymity

Photo: Pixabay This past week featured the cresting of a new wave of interest into the long-standing mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto’s actual identity. With Bitcoin Cash Satoshi’s Vision getting delisted due to the fraudulent claims of Craig Wright promising to sue everybody who claims that he’s not real Satoshi, we […]