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PayPal May Be Opening Up to Digital Currency

PayPal’s ambivalent stance over the digital currency might be changing as CFO John Rainey has stated that the payment processor has created teams to study both blockchain and cryptocurrency, as reported by Forbes on May 10, 2019. PayPal previously allowed merchants to receive payments in Bitcoin but removed functionality after […]’s Cobra accuses Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto of pandering to Bitcoiners to promote Cash App

Cobra, Co-owner of and, has always been very vocal about his views on other cryptocurrency projects. Cobra has consistently attacked altcoins, or what he calls “shitcoins,” while hailing Bitcoin as the “king coin” and “worth more than all other altcoins combined.” He is in the news again after […]

Square Is Hiring New Crypto Engineers — And It Wants to Pay Them in Bitcoin

Payments startup Square plans to hire a number of engineers and a designer to work on its crypto initiatives, according to tweets from CEO Jack Dorsey. Dorsey, who also founded and runs Twitter, announced Wednesday evening that Square plans to hire three or four engineers and one designer “to work […]

Square’s Cash App Sold $52M Worth Of Bitcoin In Q4 2018, $166M Over 2018

Cash App Sold More BTC Quarter-Over-Quarter At the peak of 2017’s bubble, Square, a fintech company based in America, introduced a native Bitcoin (BTC) market into its flagship product, the Cash App. While the integration received some flak, especially for Square’s inability to be quick on the draw, the cryptocurrency […]