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Institutional Investors Account for 60% of trading on Coinbase Pro

Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong, has revealed that institutional investment accounts for 60% of trading on its professional trading platform, Coinbase Pro. Armstrong was speaking to Fred Wilson, Coinbase investors and co-founder of Union Square Ventures at the Blockchain Week NYC. Armstrong spoke of the growth in institutional investment, As we’ve […]

Coinbase Custody Now Manages $1 Billion of Crypto, Brian Armstrong Says

Photo: The Coinbase Blog The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, recently announced that his company’s custodian service now manages at least $1 billion in crypto assets. He was speaking in an onstage discussion at the Consensus 2019 event on Wednesday. The company has reached a milestone development for the management […]

Coinbase Forays Into 11 More Countries with Its Crypto-to-Crypto Trading Services

Now Coinbase supports 53 countries and territories across four continents and opens up to a combined market of over 2 billion people. Coinbase, the US leading exchange and wallet provider, has expanded the geography of its crypto-to-crypto trading service launched last year. Earlier, Coinbase was available in 42 countries, mostly […]

Bitcoin [BTC]: Coinbase Pro suspends BTC trading over undisclosed issue; resumes service after 2 hours

Craig S. Wright, self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, was in the news after threatening to sue the initiator of Lightning Torch Hodlonaut #LNTrustChain for libel, after Hodlonaut posted a series of tweets calling Craig Wright a fraud. This accusation by Hodlonaut prompted Wright’s attorneys to slap Hodlonaut with legal papers for allegedly […]

Base of 700,000+ Professional Freelancers Moves to EOS Blockchain

Photo: Moonlighting / Twitter Moonlighting, a marketplace for freelance professionals launched in 2014, has taken on a $5 million investment round led by the FinLab EOS VC fund, a joint venture of FinLab AG and The investment will be used to grow Moonlighting’s user base and to integrate its […]

Coinbase Pro Lists Three New Tokens Including EOS

Coinbase has announced support for EOS, Augur (REP) and Maker (MKR) on its professional trading platform Coinbase Pro. Coinbase is continuing its work on widening trading opportunities for its customers with a view to making all digital assets available on its platforms. Though it is too early to speak about […]

Bitwise: 95% Of Reported Bitcoin Trading Volume Is Fake

Photo: Bitwise / Twitter CoinMarketCap reports approximately $6 billion per day in Bitcoin trading volume, but the actual figure is $273 million, or roughly 4.5% of the reported amount, according to Bitwise. Bitwise reported its data and claims to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as part of […]