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“A National Security Issue”, US Secretary of Treasury Speaks On Libra and Bitcoin

Just days ago President Donald Trump called Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies “not money” when he Tweeted about the subject for the first time. Now his Secretary of Treasury, Steve Mnuchin has offered a warning about the industry. Specifically, he addressed the negative impact that Facebook’s new cryptocurrency Libra could have.  […]

Can Trump Ban Bitcoin?: Here’s What Analyst Alex Kruger Alludes

On July 11th, the president of the United States went on a Twitter tirade speaking about his distaste for cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and Facebook’s Libra. Following this announcement, bitcoin prices remained unaffected. However, this past weekend has seen a downtrend with bitcoin even trading below $10,000. Crypto veteran analyst and trader […]

U.S Government Seeks to Ban Facebook, Others, from Financial Services including Cryptocurrency

In what can only be interpreted as a crackdown on the growth of digital assets in the United States, the House Financial Services Committee’s Democratic majority is currently circulating a new proposal for discussion. The proposal, which is probably expected to be promoted and maybe someday become law, seeks to […]

Is Trump’s Anti-Crypto Sentiment Driving Bitcoin To New Lows Or Highs?

President Donald Trump’s dismissal of Bitcoin as a currency has continued to elicit a lot of mixed reaction regarding the prospects of the maiden crypto. President Donald Trump took to Twitter to attack Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies stating that they are not a form of currency and very volatile. Notable […]

Binance Coin tipping made available on Binance’s 2nd anniversary by CoinKit

Binance is officially two years old and is one of the most successful crypto exchange in the world with over 40 million visits every month. In lieu of Binance’s 2nd anniversary, CoinKit announced that it has integrated Binance Coin for tipping on their platform. To celebrate the 2 year anniversary […]