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Verizon Security Report: 23 Percent of Data Breaches Carried Out by State-Sponsored Cybercrime Syndicates

A Verizon internet security report shows that state-sponsored hacking is becoming an increasingly larger part of global cybercrime, ZDNet reports, May 8, 2019. The Verizon report also showed that hackers prefer cryptocurrency to launder their stolen funds or to demand ransom payments.  State-Sponsored Hacking Becoming a Clear & Present Danger […]

Malware Shellbot is Now Capable of Shutting Down Other Miners

The Shellbot cryptojacking malware has gone through an update and come out with some new capabilities, technology news website TechCrunch reported on May 1. Per the report, these findings come from Boston-based cybersecurity firm Threat Stack. The company claims that Shellbot, which was first discovered in 2005, has received a […]

Consumer-Targeted Cryptojacking Is ‘Essentially Extinct’: Research

Illicit crypto mining — or cryptojacking — against consumers “is essentially extinct,” declares a report released by cybersecurity company MalwareBytes on April 23. Per the report, after in-browser mining service CoinHive shut down in early March — when the team claimed that the project had become economically inviable — cryptojacking […]

New Crypto Mining Malware Beapy Uses Leaked NSA Hacking Tools: Symantec Research

American software security firm Symantec found a spike in a new crypto mining malware that  mainly targets enterprises, TechCrunch reports on April 25. The new cryptojacking malware, dubbed Beapy, uses the leaked United States National Security Agency (NSA) hacking tools to spread throughout corporate networks to generate big sums of […]

Microsoft Security Expert says Cyber Criminals now Targeting Korea

Microsoft Korea has urged individuals and businesses in the region to adequately protect their computers and other devices against new cyber attacks such as supply chain compromises, cryptojacking, and phishing attacks, by regularly backing up their data on cloud platforms and keeping security software as well as operating systems up […]

US Justice Dept. Convicts Two Romanians of Cybercrimes Including Cryptojacking

A federal jury has convicted two Romanian alleged cybercriminals of spreading malware to steal credit card credentials and illicitly mine cryptocurrency, an announcement from the official website of the United States Department of Justice revealed on April 11. The malware allegedly spread by the suspects was reportedly used for cryptojacking […]

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Adds Anti-Cryptojacking Functionality

Firefox, a free open-source web browser developed by Mozilla, a global non-profit organization that claims to be dedicated to putting web surfers in control of their online activities, has added anti-cryptojacking and fingerprinting functionality to Firefox Nightly 68 and Beta 67 versions, according to a blog post on April 9, […]

North Korean Hackers Pivot Towards Cryptocurrency to Fund Country’s Nuclear Program

North Korean hackers with the backing of Pyongyang are targeting cryptocurrency exchange platforms as part of efforts to raise funding for the country’s nuclear weapons program. Wired reports that several international cybersecurity experts believe a hacking syndicate based in the country is also responsible for attacks against banks across the […]