Category: Decentralization

Ethereum Co-Founder Criticizes Facebook’s Libra Token for Centralization

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin said that Facebook’s Libra token is like “a centralized wolf in a decentralized sheep’s clothing” in an article published on tech news outlet Quartz on June 21. The social media giant released the white paper for a its cryptocurrency dubbed Libra earlier this month to mixed […]

From Exploitation to Collaboration: Nasdaq-Listed Firm’s Vision for the Future of Advertising

A Nasdaq-listed company says it is creating a blockchain-enabled platform designed to decentralize data and empower consumers — all while giving brands an alternative to Facebook and Google in the quest to reach the public. Phunware says it is leveraging 10 years of mobile technology experience to enable brands to […]

Web Server Security Firm Cloudflare Announces Launch of Ethereum Gateway

Web server security service firm Cloudflare announced the launch of its Ethereum gateway in a blog post on June 19. Per the announcement, the gateway — which is part of the company’s broader Distributed Web Gateway toolset — lets users “interact with the Ethereum network without installing any additional software.” […]

Layer 2 Blockchain Scaling Platform Matic Teams up with Chainlink

In a Medium post published on June 12, 2019, layer two blockchain scaling platform Matic Network (MATIC) announced its partnership with decentralized oracle platform startup Chainlink. Scalability with Smart Contracts Matic Network, a decentralized layer two blockchain scaling solution that uses a Plasma-powered sidechain network and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus protocol […]

Buy Bitcoin: Hong Kong Protests Spark Fervor Regarding Freedom, Democracy

Bitcoin (BTC), a digital currency not bound by the traditional rules of fiat, may seem nebulous and useless, but geopolitical and macroeconomic events are quickly proving its viability. Over the past week, Hong Kong has seen a growing amount of political unrest as a result of proposed legislation from the […]

Napster Creator’s Blockchain Firm Helium Releases IoT Hotspots

Napster creator Shawn Fanning’s new company Helium has released its internet of things (IoT) wireless hotspot devices with a blockchain-based incentives program, according to an official blog post by Helium on June 12. According to the post, a Helium Hotspot provides wireless connectivity to the Internet; one node on its […]