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European Bank Official Discusses Potential Benefits of Central Bank Digital Currency

A European Central Bank (ECB) official highlighted the benefits of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) while stressing caution in a speech published by the Bank of International Settlements on May 27. Vitas Vasiliauskas — Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania and a member of the Governing Council […]

ECB: Cryptocurrency Doesn’t Pose a Material Risk to European Financial Stability

According to an article released by the European Central Bank (ECB), the cryptocurrency sector does not have a considerable influence to threaten the European Union (EU) financial sector. Global Government Forum reports that the existing regulatory framework helps manage risks associated with bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Cryptocurrency Won’t Disturb Mainstream Finance […]

Bitcoins Not Really Currencies, Euro Is Always Euro — Says European Central Bank President

The European Central Bank (ECB) recently published a paper titled “Crypto-Assets: Implications for financial stability, monetary policy, and payments and market infrastructures,” in which the European Central Bank President states that Bitcoin is not a currency and is, therefore, no threat to monetary policy or the real economy. Bitcoin Is […]

European Central Bank: Crypto Does Not Have Tangible Impact on Real Economy

The European Central Bank (ECB) stated that cryptocurrencies do not have implications on monetary policy or factor into the real economy in a May report. In the report dubbed “Crypto-Assets: Implications for financial stability, monetary policy, and payments and market infrastructures,” ECB looks into the potential impact of digital currencies […]

ECB President Mario Draghi: Cryptos Are Not Currencies, They Are Very Risky Assets

European Central Bank (ECB) president Mario Draghi said that cryptocurrencies are not real currencies during the ECB Youth Dialogue meeting with the winners of the Generation €uro Students’ Award, as Cointelegraph Italia reported on May 9. During the meeting, Draghi answered a question about cryptocurrencies asked by one of the […]