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How Liberalism Can Rise to Power

A century of peace and prosperity may be under threat from the rise of that dark specter once again: nationalism. The main parties across Europe have been ill prepared to deal with what may have temporarily been needed to end the wars, yet might now be threatening peace. Nationalism has […]

Upward Momentum is Strong Says This Week’s Crypto Technical Analysis

As expected, BTC continued rising and already reached its first target, with other cryptos mimicking its move cautiously. The heavy BTC rise is probably because of indices being near their highs, and because investing in traditional assets is currently somewhat risky. Cryptos, meanwhile, have been near their lows, the risks […]

The Battle For $200

We have not quite seen a day like yesterday in about a year and a half when bitcoin crossed $7,000 like nothing and then went higher to drag eth with it. A reluctant ethereum eventually relented, taking on bears and their walls, but a re-group chased bulls below $200. Eth […]