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Facebook Triggers New Hearing on Crypto Project Libra As Social Media Giant Searches for Regulatory Policy Expert

The chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, Maxine Waters, announced on Monday that it will hold a hearing on July 17 to review Facebook’s plans for Libra, the tech giant’s new cryptocurrency-based payments platform that it expects to roll out in 2020 for billions of users worldwide. Since Facebook […]

Second US Congressional Hearing Is Scheduled on Facebook’s Libra Crypto

The U.S. House Financial Services Committee will host a hearing on Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency next month, one day after the Senate Banking Committee holds its previously announced hearing. Maxine Waters, chair of the powerful House committee, announced the hearing Monday, The Hill reported, after calling on Facebook to suspend development […]

Long-Held Bitcoin Critic is Bearish on Facebook’s Libra, But Flips Bullish on BTC

The world has been entrenched in a deluge of news surrounding Facebook’s recently announced cryptocurrency initiative, dubbed Libra, which was been met with a wide variety of responses from Bitcoin advocates and analysts alike, ranging from positivity and excitement to extreme negativity.Despite the significant amount of information now available about […]

Trump ‘Confidant’ Believes Facebook’s Crypto is a Net Positive

Libra Lauded by Trump-Backed Economist Despite seemingly good intentions, Facebook’s Libra crypto venture has been a polarizing subject. Both in the blockchain community and on the world stage, many have come to either love or hate the proposed digital asset, which is intended to reduce friction in financial services. Most […]

Why Facebook’s Libra Has all the Makings of a Private Central Bank

A columnist for The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently spoke about the upcoming Facebook cryptocurrency, Libra. According to the article, the columnist opines that the proposed stablecoin isn’t as promising as projected and added that Libra gives Facebook the “license to print money.” Libra Will Become a Private Central Bank Recently, […]

Facebook Adds Senior Job Vacancy for Calibra Wallet on Careers Site

Facebook has started advertising for a head of data science to work on its Calibra wallet, a recent job posting shows. According to the tech giant’s vacancy, it is looking for an “experienced analytics leader” who can use data to drive insights, shape the wallet’s future direction, and measure product success. Understanding […]

Facebook’s Libra hit by more accusations, Balaji Srinivasan on BTC investment and more

Cryptocurrency mining could soon be phased out of another Asian giant, Iran. An official from Tavanir, the Iranian state-run company responsible for the supply and distribution of power within the country, has sounded a warning for crypto-miners. According to an Iranian news outlet, Iran Front Page [IFP], Tavanir’s Mostafa Rajabi […]