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Russia May Build Offshore Destination for Cryptocurrencies, Exchanges and Forex

Russia may build a large financial center on the island of Bolshoy Ussuriysky, according to a report by the state-run TASS news agency on June 8. Leonid Petukhov, who heads the Far Eastern Agency for Attracting Investments and Supporting Exports, said the island could become an offshore destination for cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges and forex […]

Israeli Court Rules Bitcoin Is Not a Currency in Court Case Over Taxes on BTC Gains

An Israeli judge has ruled that bitcoin (BTC) is an asset and not a currency, local news site Globes reported on May 21. The judgment is significant because it means profits made by selling the cryptocurrency will now be liable to capital gains tax, Globes notes. Noam Copel, who founded the blockchain startup DAV, had […]

China’s Foreign Exchange Regulator Piloting Blockchain in Trade Finance

The agency that regulates and manages China’s foreign exchange reserves has developed a blockchain system aimed to address inefficiencies in cross-border trade finance. As reported by local financial news source CNStock, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) worked with the Hangzhou Blockchain Technology Research Institute to build the open blockchain platform, […]

Etoro Launches New Crypto Exchange, Complete With Stablecoins

Ever since Bitcoin fell dramatically from its 2017 highs, it has led to many investors and traders questioning the initial coin offering (ICO) market. As a result, many have turned to stablecoins since they are pegged to actual assets and commodities. Etoro, an extremely popular trading app, has now announced […]

Citi Scraps Its Plan for a JPM Coin-Like Bank-Backed Cryptocurrency

In light of the splash JPMorgan made recently with its plan for a bank-backed cryptocurrency, it’s worth remembering another big institution first tested a token to connect global payments – back in 2015. Codenamed “Citicoin,” the project out of Citigroup’s innovation lab in Dublin was never formally announced by the […]