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Facebook’s belated entry into the cryptospace has a clearly-defined ‘why’ to it

Libra, Facebook’s yet-to-be launched cryptocurrency, is still receiving a lot of reviews for and against its favor, with many in the industry split over its operations and utility. Meltem Demirors was one of them, and she has a very different take on why Facebook launched a cryptocurrency now, when the […]

Facebook’s Libra raises money laundering concerns associated with crypto again

Facebook has been garnering a lot of news lately, with the introduction of Project Libra, which is speculated to become an e-commerce tool for the social media giant’s millions of users. However, it is speculated that like Bitcoin, Facebook’s coin could also be used for anti-social activities like money laundering, […]

Facebook’s Crypto Already Embroiled in Political Turmoil

Facebook Goes Crypto For the longest time, social media giant Facebook has been rumored to be involved in the crypto and blockchain industry. But on Tuesday, these rumors were confirmed to be true with an announcement and flashy website published in the wee hours of the morning revealing that the […]

Industry Braces for New Dawn As Facebook Officially Announces Its Cryptocurrency Libra

Facebook has officially announced its secret financial services project: Libra. Referred to as a new cryptocurrency in its whitepaper, Facebook says the digital asset will utilize blockchain technology in the Libra network. The company says that Calibra, its newly formed, wholly-owned subsidiary, will release a digital wallet for the new […]

Facebook’s ‘Globalcoin’ Has Nothing to Do With Blockchain, Says Nouriel Roubini

Photo: Wikimedia Commons Nouriel Roubini, a cryptocurrency skeptic, and a famous economist have said Facebook`s soon to be unveiled next week and launch next year GlobalCoin, is not actual Crypto. These were his exact statement: It has nothing to do with Blockchain. Fully private, controlled, centralized, verified, and authorized by […]

Nouriel Roubini Says Facebook’s GlobalCoin Has ‘Nothing to Do With Crypto’

Noted economist and cryptocurrency skeptic Nouriel Roubini has said Facebook’s soon-to-be unveiled cryptocurrency, reportedly called GlobalCoin, is not really crypto. In a conversation with CoinDesk, Roubini – also nicknamed “Dr. Doom” for his prediction of the financial crash in 2007 and 2008 – said: “It has nothing to do with blockchain. Fully private, […]

Zilliqa Big Debut Is Tomorrow: Is It Linked to Facebook?

Photo: Shutterstock Last week we wrote about how the Zilliqa team announced that they have successfully launched the first in the history smart contract platform built on sharding. They’ve said they are now ready to introduce their developments. It seems that they were serious and boy do they aiming high. […]

Sunday Blast! Bitcoin Price Surges Past $9300 Levels to Make a New High for 2019

Bitcoin achieved a new milestone on Sunday with its price smashing past $9000 levels. Other metrics suggest a strong buildup of the Bitcoin technicals and fundamentals. On Sunday, June 16, the Bitcoin bulls raged-in again as the world’s largest cryptocurrency surged past $9000 levels making a new high for the […]

Anthony Pompliano vs Peter Schiff: Facebook’s GlobalCoin takes centre stage as Twitter blows up with debates

The entry of mainstream companies into the world of cryptocurrencies has been seen as a marker for the mass adoption of digital assets. With the advent of Facebook’s GlobalCoin that has become a reality as the social media giant partnered with several tech giants like Vodafone and Spotify to ensure […]