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Bitcoin Cash Experiences Bug During Scheduled Hard Fork Upgrade

In the course of a planned hard fork update, the bitcoin cash (BCH) network experienced difficulties processing transactions, cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX tweeted on May 15. Following the expected fork at block 582,680, the network purportedly began to experience issues with transactions. BitMEX said that the number of transactions per block […]

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Complete: Summary of Upgrades and Changes

The long-awaited bi-annual hard fork on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been rolled out as of 15 May 2019. Schnorr signatures and recovery from SegWit addresses are the biggest takeaways from the hard fork.  Network Upgraded Bitcoin Cash’s network has finally rolled out its long-awaited upgrade; the BCH network hard forks […]

Gab CEO considers replacing BAT with Bitcoin Lightning Network integration for new browser

Gab, the free speech-focused social network, made headlines again after Co-creator, Andrew Torba, announced plans to develop a new browser. The decision was made public after the company lost support from Google and Mozilla to host their upcoming ‘comments engine’ browser extension. Gab’s Dissenter plug-in, when live, allowed users to […]

SBI Delists BCH and Keeps BSV Amid Major Crypto Exchanges Delisting BSV

Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings will delist bitcoin cash (BCH) from its virtual currency exchange in June 2019, Cointelegraph Japan reports on April 16. SBI Virtual Currencies has now officially announced its plans to delist bitcoin cash, while keeping support for bitcoin satoshi vision (BSV) — a cryptocurrency created from […]

Crypto Market Wrap: Ethereum Classic Pumps 25% as Hard Fork Proposal Proceeds

Crypto markets still moving up; Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic leading the way.Market WrapThe momentum has continued throughout the weekend and crypto markets remain buoyant this Sunday. More movement from Bitcoin has pushed total market capitalization up towards $180 billion which is the highest it has been since November.Bitcoin […]

Crypto Exchange HitBTC Appeals to Cryptography in Dispute With Altcoin BTCP

Cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC appealed to the specificity of its cryptography in an ongoing dispute with the team behind altcoin Bitcoin Private (BTCP). The post was published on HitBTC’s blog on Tuesday, March 26. The dispute involves HitBTC’s delisting of the altcoin, whose team then accused the exchange of fraud. HitBTC, […]

Decentralization First: Privacy Coin Monero Cuts Out ASIC Miners to Stay Independent

On March 9, Monero (XMR) network was successfully upgraded via a hard fork. The new code curbed application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)-powered mining with a new proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm. Additionally, new dynamic block size algorithm and improved privacy — which is considered to be Monero’s key feature — were introduced. Once […]

Bitcoin Private Team Accuses Crypto Exchange HitBTC of Fraud After Delisting

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) developers have accused cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC of acting in a fraudulent manner in regards to their delisting from the exchange following a planned coinburn. The accusations are portrayed in a letter written on Feb. 26 to the exchange by the Petros Law Group on behalf of the […]