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Basic Attention Token [BAT] and DAI will be supported on new HTC smartphone Exodus 1

Roger Ver considers Bitcoin Cash to be the actual Bitcoin due to its superiority in comparison to Bitcoin, in terms of transaction settlement time, scalability, and privacy. Bitcoin Cash’s transactions are far more superior than Bitcoin’s due to the implementation of Schnorr Signatures by the former. However, due to various […]

Opera Wallet Launches Support for Tron TRC-Standard Tokens

Photo: TRON Foundation / Medium Opera, the first browser with Web 3 capabilities, announced its intention to support TRON’s TRX and other TRC-standard tokens within its browser. Opera’s Crypto Wallet already supports ETH and ERC tokens. “Web 3” is referring to efforts to develop a semantic internet, and is increasingly […]

HTC Pulls Smartphone from Two Major Chinese E-Commerce Platforms

HTC has disintegrated sales of its smartphones from major Chinese e-commerce stores after being edged out by new domestic smartphone producers in the market, as reported by South China Morning Post, May 13, 2019. Long-Term Business Strategy The Taiwanese electronics firm HTC that designed the first-ever Android phone in 2008, […]

HTC Has Added In-Wallet Crypto Swaps to Its EXODUS Phone

HTC’s blockchain phone, the EXODUS 1, now allows users to directly swap between some cryptocurrencies within its native wallet, the Taiwanese electronics giant announced Tuesday. The new feature comes thanks to a new partnership that sees HTC add the liquidity protocol from decentralized exchange startup Kyber Network to its Zion Vault wallet app. The […]

HTC to Launch Exodus 1s: Blockchain Smartphones Become a Lot Cheaper

Photo: HTC EXODUS / Twitter It has become known that in Q3 2019, electronics company HTC will introduce its new innovative smartphone that will help to make crypto and blockchain technology closer to a wider audience. Exodus 1s: What’s New? It is expected that the new Exodus 1s will gain […]

Key To Crypto Adpotion: HTC May Bring Blockchain Mainstream With Exodus 1s

In 2018, HTC, the Taiwan-based technology giant and smartphone manufacturer, shocked the crypto world when it unveiled plans to launch a blockchain-friendly device. This marked the first time that a large technology corporation had revealed it was allocating serious capital towards a cryptocurrency product.Unlike many other ventures in this embryonic […]