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Bitcoin Hits All-Time High Versus Argentine Peso Amid Presidential Election Risks

The biggest cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC), has hit an all-time high versus the Argentine peso amid the ongoing decline of the currency, Financial Times (FT) reports on May 27. According to the report, the bitcoin price has soared to as high as 394,000 pesos ($8,762.95 at press time) per coin, exceeding […]

Ripple CEO Just Pitched Ripple To Top Bank Execs Including IMF Director

Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, while attending the Swiss National Bank Conference, spoke to several authorities in the financial industry and reportedly made a very good impression. Attendees includes the International Monetary Fund’s Managing Director Christine Lagarde and several prominent figures from central and private banks across the world. Garlinghouse spoke […]

Canada and Singapore Test Central Bank-backed Cryptos for Cross-Border Payments

Photo: Bank of Canada / Flickr The Bank of Canada and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) have reported they have successfully conducted digital currency transfers with the usage of blockchain technology. In this pilot test, central bank-backed crypto assets were used to clear cross-border and cross-currency payments. According to […]

IMF Spring Meetings: Digital Money Is Imminent, But No Decentralization in Sight

The custodians of global financial order have been prominent in crypto news recently. The weekend kicked off with the announcement of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) joining forces with the World Bank to launch a private blockchain coupled with a “quasi-cryptocurrency” for training purposes, then continued with the Spring Meetings of the two […]

Cryptocurrencies Will Never Be Able To Substitute the Currency Issued by a Central Bank, Says Romanian Bank Official

A Romanian Central Bank official has said that it not necessarily true that digital currencies issued by central banks will replace fiat currencies, as they believe digital currencies are not necessarily currencies but more like financial assets. The news was reported by local media outlet Business Review. The official, Daniel […]

Bitcoin [BTC] proponent Jimmy Song says IMF already has a sh*tcoin called Special Drawing Rights

Crypto News – 16 April – Binance delists Bitcoin SV, Ethereum and XRP gain trading support from Coincheck and more Don’t forget to follow us for the daily [email protected] @coincheck_en @BankXRP @Tronfoundation #delistbsv #Binance #CryptoNews — AMBCrypto (@CryptoAmb) 16 April 2019 Daily Crypto News – April 16 1) SBI […]

Ripple XRP Expansion Will Be Hard To Stop Now That World Bank, IMF, EU Commission Are Involved

Ever since Ripple was released, the project has continued to amass a string of serious partnerships with financial institutions and banks. Throughout the majority of their early years, Ripple was largely ignored due to its affiliation with the traditional banking industry, which drove fears of centralization. However, in 2019, Ripple […]

IMF director: “crypto disruptors are shaking the system,” launches private cryptocurrency “Learning Coin”

International Monetary Fund (IMF) chairperson Christine Lagarde stated cryptocurrency and other “disruptors” are “shaking up” the incumbent financial industry, with potentially double-sided effects. Now more than ever, authorities need to keep an eye on these disruptive technologies so stability in the global banking system will not be affected, said Lagarde. Incumbents Versus […]