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Congressman of Venezuela: “Police kidnaps Bitcoin miners” (Consensus 2019)

Venezuela has been in the spotlight a lot recently. It’s not often that both the mainstream media and the crypto media pay an equal amount of attention to a topic. The country is undergoing a major political crisis with two men claiming to be its legitimate presidents… Meanwhile, Venezuela’s inhabitants […]

Facebook to launch stablecoin-based payment network

Facebook to Launch Project Libra According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Facebook is set to finally foray into the blockchain industry with the launch of a stablecoin-based payment network known as Project Libra. Project Libra can easily become the most mainstream application of blockchain technology due to the […]

Mueller Report: Bitcoin Transactions in the Investigation

There was a lot of agitation about the publication of the Mueller report amongst the politically-involved populace. The long-awaited document is 450-pages long; however, the most interesting bits (no pun intended) are the allegations that the GRU (The Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the […]

NY Attorney General: Bitfinex and Tether lost $850 million to payment processor

In a file published by the Supreme Court of the State of New York on April 26th 2019, Attorney General Letitia James has revealed that Bitfinex’s Panamanian payment processor Crypto Capital has lost or stolen $850 million of the exchange’s funds. As presented on the 12th page of the report, […]

French government is clearing path for blockchain technology

At the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, in an exclusive interview for Capital, a French economics and business magazine, Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of Finance, expressed the government’s interest in Blockchain technology: “The development of the blockchain ecosystem is a priority for the government: it is a potential technology that can […]

Cryptopia: the Thrill and the Agony

Cryptopia, a New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange, has reopened its doors after several months of uncertainty caused by a hack early this year. On January 14, 2019, users were informed that the exchange had gone through an unscheduled maintenance. We are currently experiencing an unscheduled maintenance, we are working to resume […]