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Around The Block With Jeff And Dave – Tim Draper, Alex Yang, Louis Vuitton and More!

In this episode, we cover what is driving bitcoin adoption. Louis Vuitton and Saudi Arabia are using blockchain tech powered by ConSensys and Microsoft. A candidate for US President discusses bitcoin. And we interview Tim Draper. Join us! Our show is co-hosted by Jeff, a Forbes and BTCManager contributor. Since 1999, he has been […]

How Crypto Can Save the Travel Industry

Despite the prevalence of online travel agencies, consumers are still facing the problems of inefficiencies such as high commission fees for hotel partners and endless fake reviews which damages consumer trust. We spoke with Matthew Luczynski, CEO, and Co-Founder at Travala, about how crypto could be the missing link as […]

Crypto is Taking Over the World, Bubbles are Normal; Shapeshift CEO Says to Blomberg

Crypto is making its way into the world of finance, slowly taking over an important part of the global markets. The recent Bitcoin (“BTC”) Bullrun seems to have attracted a substantial amount of fresh investors and this new wave of enthusiasm is very beneficial for the expansion of the ecosystem. […]

Here’s why chain reorg on BTC ledger is exponentially unfeasible: Donald McIntyre

Donald McIntyre, one of the most active coordinators in the Ethereum Classic (ETC) community, recently shared his views and insights with Crypto Insider regarding the plausibility of a chain reorg. McIntyre, a former Senior VP at Morgan Stanley and VP at UBS, specifically addressed the recent suggestion by Binance CEO […]