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How Crypto Can Save the Travel Industry

Despite the prevalence of online travel agencies, consumers are still facing the problems of inefficiencies such as high commission fees for hotel partners and endless fake reviews which damages consumer trust. We spoke with Matthew Luczynski, CEO, and Co-Founder at Travala, about how crypto could be the missing link as […]

Max Keiser is Bullish on Bitcoin (BTC,) “My Price Target is $100,000 and Beyond”

Max Keiser has always been a proponent of Bitcoin, not only because of the evolution of its prices but also because of its fundamentals. In an interview for Kitco News, the host of the well-known TV Show “Keiser Report” pointed out that Bitcoin can “capture” a part of the global […]

Bitcoin is an “Insurance Policy” Against Irresponsible Manipulation from Banks. Travis Kling Explains Why BTC Will Keep Rallying

Bitcoin is increasingly proving its usefulness, not only in the world of trading and speculation but also at the political level. Travis Kling, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Ikigai Asset Management told TD Ameritrade that Bitcoin is gaining ground as a kind of safe investment in the face of problems […]

Exclusively by Roger Ver: Bitcoin Cash Will Outperform BTC

Roger Ver said ecxlusively in an interview for Coinspeaker, that in few years Bitcoin Cash will outperform Bitcoin because it will enable entire world to use as money in a way that can’t be censored, stopped or controlled. The largest cryptocurrency by market cap Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency ever […]

Simplicity, Transparency and Low Risk: Here’s why Popular Investor Enmanuel Bautista Chose eToro

Photo: eToro Enmanuel (@big-profits) from the Dominican Republic has been in finance for all of his adult life. After reviewing several online trading platforms, he decided to focus on eToro, because of the platform’s ease of use and transparency. We asked him a few questions about his trading habits and […]

Blockchain is Not Just About the Technology, Says EU Blockchain Observatory Official

[embedded content] Jolanda ter Maten from the EU Blockchain Observatory answered the questions from EAK TV at ANON Blockchain Summit in Vein 2019. She defined her point of view on the main issues concerning the impact of blockchain to businesses and its future possibilities. Here we would like to present […]

Exploring Node Version 0.2 and Ectoplasm with CasperLabs

One of the exciting projects in the cryptoverse is one headed by CasperLabs, the ADAPtive Holdings-backed research and development innovator building the next generation of ‘blockchain for public enterprise’ networks, which has unveiled the first key update for developers, Node 0.2, which significantly reduces barriers to downloading, building, and running […]

Exclusive: Speculated and Branded Value are Not Enough for Success, Says Dash Co-Founder

In an exclusive interview for Coinspeaker, Felix Mago, one of the co-founders of Dash Thailand, reveals that the key mission behind Dash is being very simple and very straight forward: “We are doing what the name says – digital cash.” The Dash cryptocurrency may not be widespread across the world […]

Unpacking “The Convergence Stack” with Outlier Ventures’ CEO Jamie Burke

Since 2014, Outlier Ventures (OV) has been honing in on some of the most important technologies of our time. After speaking with nearly 1,000 different startups, the venture capital firm has been examining the ins and outs of what a future-proof investment thesis might look like. The Convergence Stack, as […]