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JPMorgan Analysts: Institutional Investors are Behind Bitcoin’s Current Bull Run

In a recent report, Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, JPMorgan’s analyst affirmed that the recent Bitcoin bull run can be attributed to the influence of institutional investors. Institutional Investors’ Impact on Bitcoin’s Bull Run Per the report, Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou in a document stated that institutional investors are behind the recent bull run. According […]

JP Morgan Is Searching For Experts in Bitcoin Tech As the Company Claims Bitcoin’s Futures Importance Is Underrated

The leading investment bank in the US JP Morgan is reported to be searching for experts in crypto development with sound knowledge of Bitcoin technology for the development of its own blockchain platform. The company further stated that the significance of Bitcoin futures is underrated in the current cryptocurrency market. […]

JP Morgan on the hunt for candidate with Bitcoin transaction knowledge using ‘Blockchain’ mask

The Big Banks’ fear of the decentralized currency world is palpable, both in theory and in practice. This fear has manifested in several institutional financial players first chiding Bitcoin and then embracing the crypto-realm, but the pre-condition of Blockchain’s precedence over Bitcoin has always been maintained. JP Morgan is the […]

Will Bitcoin Margin Trading Help Binance and Coinbase Survive Big Banks Entering Crypto?

There’s a shift beginning across the crypto market: institutions are finally entering, and it’s already having a powerful impact on the price of Bitcoin. This also means that the crypto mainstays of the last bull run – such as Binance and Coinbase – are in danger of being decimated by […]

Facebook, Fidelity, JP Morgan Will Push Bitcoin’s Price Even Higher, BitPay CCO Believes

Bitcoin (BTC) is already up 135% from the beginning of the year, and according to Sonny Singh, the chief commercial officer at major cryptocurrency payments processor Bitpay, it will continue to push higher from its current price. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Singh proclaimed that the sustained market-wide cryptocurrency […]

Facebook and JP Morgan’s tryst with digital assets legitimizes crypto-industry, claims Bitpay’s Singh

With all the focus firmly pegged on the price chart of Bitcoin [BTC], the case for mainstream financial and technology institutions veering towards the digital assets realm is often forgotten. Bitpay’s Sonny Singh however, claims that this very adoption is buoyant for the industry as it brings legitimacy. In a […]

Bitcoin Price May Hit $30,000 in 2019, Fund Manager Explains Why

Jehan Chu, co-founder of Kenetic Capital, predicts that Bitcoin price will reach the $30,000 mark by the end of the year. Bitcoin price has always been in the center of the attention of the world’s crypto community. And it is not surprising at all as Bitcoin has always been the […]

U.S. Telecom Giant AT&T Joins Hands With BitPay to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

In an effort to expand its services to its users using cryptocurrencies, AT&T will now allow paying bills in crypto with BitPay acting as its payment processor. Cryptocurrencies continue to penetrate global markets with its increasing adoption across different industries. The U.S. telecom giant AT&T has recently announced to accept […]

SIX Stock Exchange Set to Introduce a Swiss Franc-Pegged Stablecoin

Photo: SIX / Twitter Just recently, it has been revealed that SIX, the Swiss national stock exchange group, is planning to introduce its own stablecoin. It will be pegged to the Swiss franc and will be used in transactions on the SIX Digital Exchange (SDX). Last year, we could observe […]

JPMorgan: Bitcoin Set for Another Boom and Bust Cycle

A recent study by JP Morgan reveals that bitcoin’s recent price pump has caused the coin to surpass its intrinsic value. Per a report on Bloomberg, March 20, 2019, the strategists, however, warn that the BTC price surge echoes 2017’s bull rally which saw the market crash afterward. History Repeating Itself? U.S. investment […]