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Bitcoin (BTC) Technicals Suggest Bearish Drawdown Ahead

Bitcoin Charts Seem Bearish Bitcoin (BTC) may just have bounced back from another sell-off, moving from $7,600 to $8,000, but one analyst is still sure that the cryptocurrency market is currently topping. Analysis group Bravado’s Bitcoin Jack, who seemingly called Bitcoin’s move to $8,000, broke down his thoughts on the […]

Institutions Flood Back to Crypto, Lean Long on Bitcoin (BTC)

Institutional Bitcoin & Crypto Volume Skyrockets At long last, institutional fever for Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto is spreading once again. This time, they may just be here to stay. That’s the hope anyway. As recently pointed out by John Todaro of TradeBlock, institutions seem to be clamoring for common Joes […]

Millennials Prefer Bitcoin Over Gold, BTC ETF Demand Exists

Bitcoin Over Gold During Bloomberg’s “ETF IQ” segment yesterday, a financial advisory head said Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETF) are preferred over their gold counterparts by millennial investors. Nate Geraci, the head of The ETF Store, an investment advisory group that seemingly specializes in funds, noted that many of their […]