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Satoshi Nakamoto is easy to get through; can be found by fools, claims John McAfee

The United States has always been the highlight of the cryptocurrency space in terms of its regulation, with some states introducing laws in its favor and others deciding to not make an official stance. In terms of laying crypto-friendly rules and regulation, Wyoming has always been one of the most […]

‘BTC Is Not Bitcoin’ Says Craig Wright Amid Crypto Copyright Kerfuffle

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin, wants to stop the crypto community from referring to BTC as Bitcoin, according to his legal representation. Earlier this week, the Australian computer scientist filed copyright claims to prove his authorship of the seminal Bitcoin white paper entitled, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash […]

Copyright Registrations Do Not Recognize Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto

Copyright registrations for the Bitcoin white paper and the bitcoin (BTC) source code by the United States Copyright Office do not mean that Australian computer scientist Craig Wright is recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto by the government, the Financial Times reported on May 22. The development follows news that Wright filed […]

Craig Wright Registers Copyright to Satoshi White Paper, Bitcoin SV Surges 73%

Even though, anybody can apply, Craig Wright has been granted copyright registrations for the original Bitcoin Whitepaper with the US Copyright Office. The pro-Bitcoin SV publication has used the news as evidence that Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. Every day we are witnessing the fact that the most obscure personas had […]

Craig Wright Copyrights BTC White Paper, Bitcoin SV Soars 90%

Craig Wright, the famous frontman of Bitcoin SV, also known as a self-assumed Satoshi Nakamoto, has filed documents to patent the ownership of the original BTC code and the white paper made by Satoshi Nakamoto Perhaps, the second highly notorious person in the crypto industry after John McAfee, Dr Craig […]

Bitcoin SV Price Goes Vertical Following Craig Wright’s Whitepaper Copyright Claim

According to a press release published by CoinGeek, controversial crypto proponent Craig Wright has successfully registered a patent for the original Bitcoin Whitepaper with the US Copyright Office. The pro-Bitcoin SV publication has used the news as concrete evidence that Wright is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto.Although many in the wider cryptocurrency […]