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Every Wondered Why Satoshi Nakamoto Chose 21 Million as the Limit for Bitcoin?

As we inch closer to the next Bitcoin halving, it’s necessary to think about the specific design of the coin as done by Satoshi Nakamoto. Specifically, why was 21 Million the set figure for Bitcoin mining? Bitcoin was the first fully decentralized digital asset to hit the market. Created a decade […]

Self-Proclaimed ‘Satoshi’ Tells Florida Court He May Have Lost Access to His Bitcoin

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin, appeared at a hearing on Friday where he told a Florida court that he may have lost access to his Bitcoin fortune. Wright was called to testify, defending himself against charges brought by his former business partner’s estate that he stole billions in […]

Craig Wright’s ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ claims lay in tatters after lack of evidence; critics begin onslaught

The world of cryptocurrencies is ‘reptilian,’ cold-blooded, color-changing and highly-scaled. With price charts often switching between red and green, several mainstays within the digital assets realm have often flip-flopped between considering Bitcoin as the tool of financial freedom, relinquished from the shackles of authoritarian governments, and instead view it through […]

Craig Wright Praised as Satoshi Nakamoto by The Council of Bogota

Photo: Shutterstock When talking about Colombia, first that gets in almost everyone’s mind is the name of this beautiful sovereign state in South America with rich cultural heritage. Second thing that comes to ones’ mind is, let’s be honest, cocaine. It seems that the latter had pretty much been consumed […]

Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright committed fraud according to Florida court documents

Craig Wright, the controversial creator of Bitcoin SV claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, could be facing jail time for fraud. Documents from a Florida court proved that Wright committed perjury, as his defense contradicts an affidavit he previously submitted to an Australian court. Wright summoned to appear in court, documents […]

Satoshi Nakamoto Revealed? New Theory on Mysterious Bitcoin Creator Emerges

A new theory on Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity is making waves, suggesting the mysterious Bitcoin creator might be none other than famed science fiction author Neal Stephenson. Peter Suderman, the features editor at Reason, posits that Stephenson could be Nakamoto due to the detailed descriptions of cryptographic technology found in his […]

Who is Bitcoin Creator Satoshi? Libertarian Publication Presents Candidate

Sci-Fi Author ‘Proposed’ as Bitcoin Creator The crypto industry’s greatest mystery is the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Despite the many attempts to unveil his identity through an analysis of his writing, skills, and when he sent messages on online forums/e-mail, no one has come out with […]