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Bitcoin Was Never Cypherpunk, and Satoshi Nakamoto was Never Meant to Be Anonymous, Craig Wright Says

Craig Wright is determined to make the world accept him as the creator of Bitcoin and the man behind the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. But instead of signing the genesis block (something the community has agreed to accept as irrefutable proof of his identity) he thought it would be better […]

Bitcoin [BTC]: Victims of crypto-crimes seek $11 billion in compensation

Crypto News – 04 June – Bitcoin falls below $8000, Binance launches GBP-backed stablecoin and more Don’t forget to follow us for our daily videos#Bitcoin #Facebook #JPMorgan #cryptonews #binance #StableCoin #stablecoins #BinanceChain #bitcoinnews — AMBCrypto (@CryptoAmb) 4 June 2019 Daily Crypto News – June 4 1) Andreas Antonopoulos on […]

Crypto Scam Alert: YouTube Videos Promoting “Bitcoin Generator” Really Pushing Malware

Scammers are attempting to hijack the popularity of YouTube crypto content and investors’ hunger to get rich quick to defraud potential victims. This involves tricking someone into downloading a programme under the pretence that they’re actually getting some sort of non-existent Bitcoin multiplying software.Once downloaded, the malware uses several different […]

Financial Conduct Authority [FCA] issues warning against fraud cryptocurrency clone firm

Facebook’s plan of introducing its own global digital currency has taken a new turn as Mark Zuckerberg held meetings with large trading houses and active cryptocurrency exchanges. The Facebook CEO also held a meeting with his former rivals – The Winklevoss brothers, according to Financial Times. A team at Facebook […]