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Tron’s latest weekly report reveals details about much awaited ‘TRC20-USDT Incentive Plan 2.0’

Tron, the Justin Sun led cryptocurrency has been in the news multiple times for its updates and developments. The community, dubbed Tronics have also been active in the cryptocurrency ecosystem forcing the organization list out all its happenings. In the latest Tron Weekly Report, the company spoke about the architecture […]

Vitalik Buterin weighs Bitcoin Cash Vs. Ethereum for network scalability

With the rise in crypto adoption, heavyweights of the crypto ecosystem are moving forward with the aim to improve the existing security standards and speed, in order to gain an edge over others. One of the major influencers in the crypto ecosystem, Vitalik Buterin shared his view to infuse a […]

Bitfinex announces revenues from margin trading funds dedicated to LEO

Bitfinex was dragged into a controversy with Tether, the largest stablecoin, where the exchange was allegedly covering a loss of $850 million with Tether funds. The situation escalated in the community and Tether ended up dropping down to $0.96. The stablecoin quickly recovered its valuation but Bitfinex lost its standing […]

Is Lightning Network’s ‘Justice’ stern enough for thefts that occur on Bitcoin’s 2nd layer solution?

Lightning Network, is so far, the best second layer solution that Bitcoin has witnessed in a very long time. BitMEX Research’s third article on LN dives deep into the punishment system for premature and non-informed closure of nodes. As seen in the image below, there are four ways a Lightning […]

Will David Marcus bring it home on July 17 as community waits with bated breath?

Facebook clearly knows how to hedge its bets. Be it conquering the social media ecosystem or riling the entire world about cryptocurrencies with one systematic announcement on its in-house digital asset, Libra. The Mark Zuckerberg led social media behemoth has promised the cryptocurrency ecosystem that Libra will not be centralized. […]

Catching up or playing catch up? Justin Sun talks about Warren Buffett lunch

While Facebook’s involvement with cryptocurrency has pulled in mainstream attention, it has overshadowed the decade-long innovations led by crypto technologists. In an effort to clear some of this fog, Tron CEO Justin Sun took to the Internet to share his recipe for success amidst the turbulent crypto market. Sharing his […]

BitPoint discovers additional 250 million yen stolen in cryptocurrency

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, BitPoint, was all over the news recently following a 3.5 billion yen hack on the exchange. In recent developments, the exchange revealed that 250 million yen worth of cryptocurrencies was found. The Mainichi, a Japanese news portal reported that the stolen cryptocurrencies were discovered on overseas exchanges that […]