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Canadian Blockchain Company Signs Contract with Seoul Ministry of Transportation

Canadian tech firm Graph Blockchain Inc. has partnered with the Ministry of Transportation in Seoul, South Korea, to run a pilot program for blockchain-based traffic data storage, according to a news release on June 24. Graph Blockchain reportedly signed a contract for around $55,000 CAD, or approximately $41,695 at press […]

Major Korean Crypto Exchange Bithumb Prosecuted for Failure to Protect User Data

South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb has been prosecuted for its alleged failure to take adequate measures to protect personal information, which was later presumably exploited by hackers to steal funds from the platform. The news was reported by Cointelegraph Japan on June 19. Prosecutors allege the data breach led directly […]

South Korean Crypto Exchanges Update Terms of Service

Exciting times for South Korean bitcoin and altcoin investors as five local exchanges including Bithumb have revised their terms of service to make it possible for traders to get duly compensated should there be an unforeseen circumstance that leads to loss of funds, even if the security breach is not […]

Bitcoin premium surges in Asian market vis-a-vis its USD-spot market equivalent

Bitcoin’s popularity seems to be on the rise despite the cryptocurrency’s sluggish performance in June with the East Asian market emerging as favorites. With the market for cryptocurrencies spread across western countries and its base in South Asia, with a few hotbeds spread across the globe, the dominance is fairly […]