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Future for State-Backed Brazilian Token Issuance Unclear as Bank Sees Leadership Reshuffle

On June 18, Brazil’s National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) announced the election of Finance Director José Flavio Ferreira Ramos as its interim president.  Ramos will serve as the BNDES head until the inauguration of 38-year-old Gustavo Henrique Moreira Montezano, a former economist and the current deputy secretary […]

First Stablecoin Trading Pairs Listed on Binance DEX

Major global crypto exchange Binance has listed trading pairs for USDSB, a Binance Chain-based version of StableUSD (USDS), the firm announced on June 24. As noted in the statement, Binance has launched trading for two trading pairs, including USDSB against major stablecoin tether (USDT), as well as the USDSB-to-USDS trading […]

Ethereum Co-Founder Criticizes Facebook’s Libra Token for Centralization

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin said that Facebook’s Libra token is like “a centralized wolf in a decentralized sheep’s clothing” in an article published on tech news outlet Quartz on June 21. The social media giant released the white paper for a its cryptocurrency dubbed Libra earlier this month to mixed […]

Pariahs of Silicon Valley: How Ben Mezrich Writes About the Winklevoss Twins

Molly Jane Zuckerman is the head of news at Cointelegraph. The views expressed here are her own and do not necessarily represent the views of Cointelegraph. This article contains spoilers. The irony of a book about the Winklevoss twins’ journey into cryptocurrency — which stresses over and over again how […]

Oxfam Partners With Tech Firms to Test Dai’s Use in Disaster Aid

International charity organization Oxfam has partnered with Australian tech startup Sempo and blockchain company ConsenSys to test stablecoin Dai’s (DAI) suitability for aid in regions suffering from natural disasters, local news outlet Micky reported on June 17. The parties launched a philanthropic initiative dubbed UnBlocked Cash with the support of […]

Bitcoin Reaches Latest Highs, Inches Closer to $10,000

The happy days for the Bitcoin enthusiasts are back. Despite having many pessimists dismiss it as a passing fad, the top-ranking cryptocurrency has fought back and now, it’s just inches away from $10,000, which is about half of its all-time high price of around $20,000 of December 2017. Friday, June […]