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Why IEOs Might Drive New Investors to the Crypto Market

Photo: Pixabay Attracting new investors into the cryptocurrency market is not an easy task. Initially, we had Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as the main method of investing in blockchain projects and this proved to be a short-lived success in bringing people into the community. As time went on, people discovered […]

Blockstream Rolls Out the New App Allowing Users Issue Security Tokens on Bitcoin Sidechain

Photo: Blockstream / Twitter It has become known that Bitcoin startup Blockstream is working on the launch of a new tokenized securities platform. The platform will provide users with an opportunity to issue their own tokens by utilizing the firm’s custom-built Bitcoin sidechain, Liquid Network. Though many people still believe that […]

Societe Generale Issues $112.12M Bond as OFH Security Token

Photo: Can Pac Swire / Flickr Societe Generale SFH, a subsidiary of the French investment banking giant Societe Generale Group, has issued covered bonds (obligations de financement de l’habitat or OFH) worth of $112.12 million on the Ethereum blockchain. Rated by Moody’s and Fitch rating agencies as Aaa/AAA, the tokens […]

Asset Providers Can Now Issue Security Tokens on Tron Blockchain

Photo: TRON Foundation / Medium Tron is actively growing. And the rates of its growth and expansion are rather impressive. If last year it made headlines thanks to being listed by different crypto exchanges, now the foundation is working on establishing new strategic partnerships and attracting developers to move their […]

US Legislators Aim to Exclude Digital Tokens From Securities Laws

Defining cryptocurrencies has been an ongoing difficulty in the industry as multiple branches within the United States have different ways to govern it. However, one ongoing debate is over whether certain tokens should be considered securities. US Representative Warren Davidson is aiming to withdraw any concerns in the matter by […]

SEC Introduces Long-Awaited Guidance for Token Issuers

The guidance released by SEC includes examples of both networks and tokens that fall under securities laws and outlines projects which do not. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), that has long been criticized for a lack of clarity on crypto regulation, has finally released its guidance that makes […]

Top Five Delusions About Security Tokens Clarified

Photo: Pixabay Security tokens are being hailed as the next biggest trend in the blockchain and crypto space after the decline of utility tokens and rightly so, as these programmable digital securities offer a wide array of benefits like an increase in liquidity among real-world assets, cross-border trading and increased […]

PwC’s Strategy& Report: A Whooping $20B was Collected via Over 1132 ICOs and STOs in 2018

Photo: Frank Friedrichs / Flickr Those who try to keep in touch with what is going on in the crypto world may have noticed that while initial coin offerings (ICOs) are losing their popularity, the popularity of security token offerings (STO) is increasing. ICO vs STO While many experts try […]

Circle Further Bids for Mass Tokenization, Officially Completes SeedInvest Acquisition

Photo: Circle Blog Circle, blockchain startup backed by Goldman Sachs, has officially completed the acquisition of equity crowdfunding firm SeedInvest. The announcement comes amid realizing Circle’s fundraising plans. In the future, the company wants to tokenize securities and become a fully SEC-regulated broker-dealer. In a blog post, Circle said: “The acquisition is a further step […]

Polymath: If Placed On a DEX, Security Tokens Can Be Compliant

Photo: Polymath / Facebook It seems that this Security Token Platform decided to upgrade their existing capital markets infrastructure in order to take advantage of blockchain technology’s benefits. In order to make this upgrade possible, they said that they are aware that there are needs to be a standard for […]