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Seoul Mayor still Bullish on Blockchain for Smart City Initiatives

South Korean news outlet reported May 20, 2019, that the Seoul city mayor Park Won-soon during the ‘Korea Future Forum & Blockchain Tech Show’ highlighted the use of blockchain and Ai in recording and storing data. He also spoke of his plans to integrate the blockchain authentication system in […]

Does Blockstream Hold Backdoor Keys to Bitcoin on Liquid?

This week, Blockstream launched the Liquid Network, a sidechain built on Strong Federation technology to facilitate quick and seamless transfer of bitcoin (BTC) between exchanges. Their website indicates they hold “emergency keys” to bitcoin held on Liquid, but there’s more to it. A Reddit thread offered both sides of the story; […]

Opera Now Supports TRON Tokens, dApps and Games

The Opera web browser has announced that it will be integrating TRON’s TRX tokens and other TRC-standard tokens into its native cryptocurrency wallet. This according to a Medium blog post, May 15, 2019. The Future Internet Opera has rather warmly taken to blockchain and cryptocurrency over time, the Norway-based software […]

San Francisco’s Ban on Facial Recognition is a Victory for Personal Privacy Advocates

San Francisco has set the record as the first US state to ban the use of facial recognition technology. Per a report on Engadget, May 14, 2019, the state made the decision in order to protect residents from the government’s constant surveillance. With the pressure on regulators and government agencies on the […]

Blockchain Technology Fixes the Loopholes of Centralized KYC Solutions

While several projects prefer to use centralized repositories to store data during Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, these databases exhibit several limitations such as susceptibility to hacks and high cost of management, which can be mitigated by distributed ledger technology (DLT), reports TechRadar on May 14, 2019. Centralized Databases are […]

Hyperledger Unveils Aries, Decentralized Identity (DID) Infrastructure

Hyperledger, a multi-project open source distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform hosted by the Linux Foundation, has announced the launch of Aries, a shared infrastructure of tools that facilitate the exchange of data stored on different blockchains, according to a blog post on May 14, 2019. Hyperledger Aries Fosters Interoperability In […]

The Five Blockchain Principles of IBM

Technology typically adds positive value to society, and as such, it can deliver demonstrable good for the world; according to IBM, blockchain can further this sentiment. In an IBM Blockchain Pulse blog post, May 13, 2019, the tech behemoth lays out the guiding principles it adheres to, which it believes […]

WhatsApp Security Flaw: Specific Users Targeted in Spyware Attack

WhatsApp has confirmed it was subject to spyware that allowed the attacker to read a target’s messages, as reported by MIT Technology Review on May 14, 2019. The hackers accessed messages after penetrating WhatsApp’s encryption through a flaw in the voice call feature. Spyware Strikes Again WhatsApp, which is piloting a stablecoin […]

Ledger Nano X: Just as Secure, Now Mobile

Cryptocurrencies are beginning to emerge in the mainstream, and with a historical track record of security flaws, the market was wide open for those who sought to establish a means for people to easily, safely and securely store their crypto. Ledger is one of those companies and here, we’ll be […]