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Lightning App for Sending Bitcoin Tips on Twitter Is Now Easier to Use

A Twitter app for tipping by way of bitcoin’s experimental lightning network is now easier to use thanks to a new update. Launched earlier this year, took Twitter’s crypto community by storm by making it possible to tip Twitter users with the experimental micropayment layer lightning. The still-nascent network […]

Vitalik Proposes Mixer to Anonymize ‘One-Off’ Ethereum Transactions

“We need a first step toward more privacy,” Vitalik Buterin, founder of the ethereum blockchain network, said Wendesday. In a new HackMD post, Buterin detailed a design to help obscure ethereum user activity on the blockchain. More specifically, Buterin proposed a “minimal mixer design” aimed at obfuscating user addresses when sending […]

MakerDAO Fee Decrease Stalls Amid Decline in Token Holder Voting Turnout

After an initial round of polling last Thursday, MakerDAO token holders have failed to finalize a decision to decrease fees for users on DAI stablecoin loans taken out through MakerDAO’s programmatic lending protocol. On Friday, a secondary round of polling was launched in order to execute a 2 percent decrease to […]

Bitcoin and Blockchain: The Tangled History of Two Tech Buzzwords

“I’m interested in blockchain, not bitcoin.” Admit it, you’ve heard this hundreds, if not thousands, of times. (You might have even said it yourself.) And sure, people know what you’re saying, you’re talking about the “technology underlying bitcoin” and you sound smart enough. Once it became known – or at […]