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Tesla (TSLA) Stock Could Rise More Than 100%, Claim Analysts

Alexander Haissl of Berenberg said they are maintaining their bullish view on Tesla (TSLA) and see no reason to walk away from our price target of $500. His price target of $500 implies more than 100% upside in the next year. If you buy Tesla (TSLA) stock now, you will […]

Tesla (TSLA) Stock at Its Lowest Since 2017, Will Long-term Investors Buy?

Photo: Pixabay This week Tesla stock fell to its lowest levels since the beginning of 2017. The electric car maker suffers from political uncertainty regarding its prospects in China, as well as questions over Tesla’s ability to deliver on its premium stock valuation. Last week, the company raised around $2.7 […]

Tron CEO Justin Sun Seems to be Unwilling to Give Promised Tesla Away

Photo: Justin Sun / Instagram Tron community has always been known for its high activity, nevertheless, over the past few months, its members have managed to go beyond themselves. And it was not groundless. Tron’s CEO Justin Sun has announced a giveaway of Tesla car (but something has gone wrong). […]

Musk: Tesla Will Grow to $500 Billion Due to Its Self-Driving Tech

Photo: Tesla / Twitter Tesla (TSLA) is selling 3.1 million stocks at a price of $243 per share through Goldman Sachs and Citigroup acting as underwriters. That’s more than 2.7 million shares that was previously expected to be sold at the offering. The company also said it was boosting its […]

Changpeng Zhao Proposes Cryptocurrency Named SpaceXcoin to Elon Musk

CoinspeakerChangpeng Zhao Proposes Cryptocurrency Named SpaceXcoin to Elon Musk Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao took to Twitter calling Elon Musk to make his own coin called ‘SpaceXcoin’ in order that space exploration becomes funded globally using crypto. He says investors shall have their names inked on the blockchain in that way. […]

Elon Musk tweet sends Ethereum interest on Google surging in minutes

On April 30, Tesla CEO Elon Musk mysteriously tweeted “Ethereum,” engaging with Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin. Ethereum — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 30, 2019 Almost immediately after the release of Musk’s tweet, the interest in Ethereum on major search engines including Google spiked, most likely as it drew interest from […]