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Court Orders Craig Wright to Appear Personally at a Mediation to Address Bitcoin Theft Allegation

In a recently filed court document, controversial and self-acclaimed Satoshi, Craig Wright has been ordered to appear personally at mediation to address the allegation that he stole 1.1 million bitcoin (BTC) from Dave Kleiman. Craig Wright Want Video Conference Responding to the court orders, Craig Wright had requested permission to […]

Binance no longer #safu: Hackers steal 7000 BTC

On May 7th 2019, Binance has announced the identification of a security breach which led to the withdrawal of 7000 bitcoins. According to the official blog post, the hackers have been able to obtain “API keys, 2FA codes, and potentially other info”. This marks the first time when the exchange […]

Two Hackers Are Convicted for Infecting over 400,000 Computers with Malware and Stealing Millions

A federal jury convicted two hackers on 21 counts of cybercrimes including infecting computers with malware to steal credit card information. The culprits also attempted to sell sensitive data on dark web marketplaces, engaged in online fraud and illegally mined digital currencies.  Hackers Attacked Over 400,000 Computers On April 11, […]

UN Security Council reveals that North Korea lumped over $600 million in Cryptocurrency through cyber theft

Recent reports bear claims that North Korea’s capital city Pyongyang has attained an estimated $670 million in fiat foreign currencies as well as cryptocurrencies. As reported by Asian media outlet Nikkei, this is being carried out with the aid of cybercriminals who have been dependent on the blockchain technology in […]