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Binance DEX Will Geoblock Users From 29 Countries, Including the US

The decentralized exchange (DEX) developed by major cryptocurrency exchange Binance will block access to users based in 29 countries. The DEX informs potential users of the restriction via a message that appears when accessing the platform from one of the regions. The message appearing on the platform states: “It seems […]

Ukrainian Man Faces up to 6 Years in Jail for Cryptojacking on His Own Websites

Ukraine’s Cyber Police have arrested a man who allegedly placed crypto mining malware scripts on his own websites, local law enforcement reported on March 26. The cyber crime unit of the national police of Ukraine arrested a 32-year-old man from the Bukovina region who allegedly placed cryptojacking software on a […]

Cryptocurrency friendly Ukraine completes pilot test for state backed crypto, e-hryvnia

The attempt to push cryptocurrencies into the mainstream realm has been an ongoing process with several institutions jumping onboard the concept of digital assets. Ukraine has been actively trying to include cryptocurrencies into the country’s grand scheme, with the main proponent being the National Bank of Ukraine [NBU]. Latest reports […]

National Bank of Ukraine Completes Pilot Scheme for its National Digital Currency

According to a recent report, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), has recently completed a pilot scheme for the country’s proposed nationally backed digital currency— e-hryvnia. The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) e-hryvnia Pilot Scheme The plan to create the national currency by the Ukrainian Central has been in motion […]