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Bitcoin [BTC] and its associated initiatives are super impactful in Venezuela, says Open Money Initiative Co-founder

The use of cryptocurrencies for mainstream, practical purposes has always been the aim of a lot of the proponents in the digital assets space. In a recent podcast with Peter McCormack, the panelists discussed the use of Bitcoin [BTC], the world’s largest cryptocurrency, in the flailing economy of Venezuela. The […]

ConsenSys Demographic Search Survey: Trends in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

A search engine survey carried out by ConsenSys revealed the search break up for certain countries. The goal, as per the blog post, May 20, 2019, was to figure out whether Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, or cryptocurrency were dominating consumer minds in a particular country.  Bitcoin and Ethereum On Top Countries […]

Venezuela Tries to Avoid US Sanctions By Trading In Rubles and Crypto

Venezuela and Russia are in talks to use the ruble in mutual trade settlements, thereby abandoning the commonly-used US dollar in country-to-country transactions. Further, the two countries are considering using El Petro, Venezuela’s oil-pegged cryptocurrency, as another medium of exchange. Venezuela‘s UN representative, Jorge Valero, told Russian house organ Russia […]

Russia and Venezuela are Evaluating to Ditch American Dollars and Adopt the Petro and the Ruble Instead

Venezuela and Russia are in talks to abandon the use of U.S. dollars in their transactions and replace this currency with rubles and Petros. According to an article published by the Russian news portal RT, Jorge Valero, a representative of the South American country to the United Nations shared the […]

Venezuela and Russia Discuss Mutual Trades in Petro and Russian Ruble: Report

Venezuela is considering to close mutual trade settlements with Russia using the ruble, Russian government-backed TV channel RT reports on May 17. Jorge Valero. Venezuela’s representative to the United Nations in Geneva said they are also discussing uses for the state-owned Petro (PTR) cryptocurrency. Valero reportedly revealed that Venezuelan authorities […]

Congressman of Venezuela: “Police kidnaps Bitcoin miners” (Consensus 2019)

Venezuela has been in the spotlight a lot recently. It’s not often that both the mainstream media and the crypto media pay an equal amount of attention to a topic. The country is undergoing a major political crisis with two men claiming to be its legitimate presidents… Meanwhile, Venezuela’s inhabitants […]

Coinbase Announces USDC Support for 85 More Countries

Coinbase has unveiled the expansion of its USDC on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, which is now available across 85 countries. It also announced the addition of 50 new countries for trading cryptos on the exchange platform. This according to an official blog post, May 14, 2019, Rendering the Support of […]

Colombia Eyes Regulating Cryptocurrency Traders and Companies

The Congress of the Rebulic of Colombia has proposed a bill to regulate cryptocurrency transactions and prevent crypto users from falling victim to growing frauds, this according to a report from Competition Policy International  May 13, 2019. Preventing Traders from Frauds In January of 2017, Colombian regulatory body Superintendecia de […]