Category: Voice CEO: Top Influencers Will Get $50-100M in Revenue for Switching to EOS-based Voice

Brendan Blumer. Photo: Wikipedia According to Brendan Blumer, CEO of, top social media influencers will have an opportunity to get a revenue of $50–100 mln on EOS’s new social media platform Voice. It has become known from the disclosed screenshots of Blumer’s messages. The CEO stated that those influencers […]’s CEO asserts Voice to be a mix of centralized and decentralized features

The controversy surrounding whether EOS network being decentralized has garnered huge attention in the past and continues even today. As the community continues to battle EOS’s innate nature between centralized and decentralized network, the firm behind it,’s latest product and the social media app Voice will be a mixture […]

EOS Dev. Block.One To Perform Identity Checks On Users On Its Blockchain-Powered Social Platform

Block.One unveiled their yet-to-be-launched blockchain-based social media platform, Voice, during the B1 KeyNote on June 1. Per the announcement, Block.One CEO Brendan Blumer proclaimed that Voice will be different from every other social media platform. Taking note of the downsides of centralized social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, […]

Coinbase Adds EOS to Coinbase Earn Educational Program

Photo: Coinbase / Twitter According to yesterday report, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has just added a smart-contract blockchain protocol EOS to its crypto education rewards program Coinbase Earn. This a breaking news for crypto enthusiasts, as it gives them an ability to earn EOS, which is currently the […]

Block.One Launches Social Media Platform ‘Voice’ on EOS Blockchain

Photo: The developer of the popular EOSIO blockchain network – Block.One – announced that it would soon launch its social media platform dubbed Voice on the EOS blockchain network. The announcement comes during the first-anniversary event for EOS held in Washington D.C on Saturday, June 1. Data privacy has […]