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Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Agrees to Meet with Warren Buffett, Tron CEO Sun

Litecoin Founder Attending Lunch With Billionaire Buffett & Tron CEO At last, it seems Tron chief executive Justin Sun has his first confirmed RSVP to the four-million-dollar lunch with Warren Buffett. Announced today via Twitter, Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin (LTC) and a former employee of both Google and […]

Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee Receives Invite From Tron’s Justin Sun to Join Lunch With Warren Buffett

Justin Sun, CEO of Tron and BitTorrent, has invited Charlie Lee, aka @SatoshiLite and the creator of Litecoin, to join him and six other guests to meet billionaire investor Buffett in the Bay Area. The upcoming lunch has stirred curiosity about how the meeting might unfold since Buffett has long […]

Bitcoin’s returns in 10 years trump Berkshire Hathaway’s returns since 1964

Bitcoin [BTC], the world’s leading cryptocurrency, has been enjoying a great 2019 after a late-2018 marred by a cruel crypto-winter. Since April however, the cryptocurrency has performed much better than traditional assets, outperforming even the S&P 500. Some of the key differentiating characteristics that set BTC apart from fiat were: […]

Convincing Warren Buffett to buy cryptocurrency in just three hours is unrealistic, admits Tron’s Justin Sun

Justin Sun, Tron Founder and BitTorrent CEO, won a bid to legendary investor Warren Buffett’s charity lunch for the Glide Foundation. Soon after the news broke out, the crypto-community was left wondering if the large sum of money was worth it, considering Buffett’s blatant hostility towards digital currency and the […]

What Bitcoin Hater Warren Buffett Thinks of Crypto Doesn’t Matter, Here’s Why

To most in the cryptocurrency community, Bitcoin (BTC) is a paradigm-shifting asset with unlimited potential. But to Warren Buffett, one of the world’s most well-respected investors, it is something with little-to-zero intrinsic value, and resembles “rat poison” more than it does shares in his favorite companies: Coca-Cola, Dairy Queen, or […]

Tron (TRX) Gains Massive Exposure Ahead of Justin Sun’s Lunch With Warren Buffett. Sun Beats Satoshi Nakamoto in Google Trends

Justin Sun -the founder of Tron (TRX)- has been labeled in many different ways by the community. From genius to conman, there have been many opinions as to whether this young man’s influence on the ecosystem has been positive or detrimental, but if there is one thing practically everyone recognizes, […]

Andreas Antonopoulos follows Binance CEO CZ’s lead; turns down prospective ‘invite’ to Sun-Buffett lunch

Thomas Silkjær, the creative director at 2K/DENMARK, outlined a “potential security breach” at GateHub might have caused users to lose approximately 23 million XRP. GateHub is a wallet and gateway for to safely store/transact XRP. In a Medium article, Silkjær wrote that the breach was noticed on June 1 in a […]