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Tom Lee on Bitcoin’s rise, Cryptopia enters liquidation phase and more

Bitcoin [BTC], the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has been marking several milestones ever since the beginning of this year. The coin has shown significant recovery from its December 2018 bottom, rising by over $3000 since then. Notably, the largest cryptocurrency broke through the $6000 and $7000 marks in a […]

Facebook Coin: Weiss Ratings slams crypto-project; claims FB is ‘noticeably absent’ from DLT discussions

The cryptocurrency industry has seen a resurgence in terms of price recently, after a majority of the top coins recorded double-digit gains over the week. In the middle of this, Weiss Ratings, the popular cryptocurrency rating platform, has taken up arms against the much-talked about Facebook Coin, tweeting, “#FB allegedly […]

Weiss Ratings claims correlation between Binance Coin and cryptocurrency market’s performance

Bitcoin’s much-awaited Golden Cross, which many analysts claimed will lead to a resurgence of a bullish market, has been confirmed. The intersection of the 200-day moving average and 50-day moving average, which indicates the Golden Cross, was achieved over the past few hours. Earlier today, the top cryptocurrency saw a […]

Weiss Crypto Ratings founder believes blockchain networks will replace legacy systems

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), an organization focused on promoting “global monetary cooperation” in order to help underdeveloped nations achieve Millenium Development Goals and various other socioeconomic initiatives, recently announced the launch of “Learning Coin.” The IMF will be working with the World Bank, a global financial institution that helps […]

Weiss Ratings Sees Great Potential in IOTA, Applauds the Quality of the Dev Team and Commitment to their Vision

Weiss Ratings has been high on Cardano and it’s native token ADA for a while. They’ve praised the scientific approach that the Cardano’s builders at IOHK have taken and think the painstaking and deliberate work will pay off in the near future. Weiss Ratings relishes Cardano’s proactive mission to eliminate […]