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eBay: ‘Cryptocurrencies Aren’t Part of Our Payment Strategy’

Photo: Shutterstock Earlier this week, eBay pretty much added sparks to the crypto community with adds plastered all over Hilton hotel in New York where the latest Consensus conference was held. One add said “Virtual currencies. It’s happening on eBay”, and others were also mentioning digital collectibles among other topics […]

Winklevoss Twins Make Amazon Subsidiary Accept Bitcoin and Three Other Cryptos

Due to a partnership between a payments startup Flexa and the Winklevoss-owned exchange Gemini, customers of Amazon’s Whole Foods can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Gemini Dollar as a payment method. Despite some are staying skeptic about digital currencies, every day there appears more evidence that cryptos are taking […]

Unstoppable Rally Now Takes Bitcoin Price Above $8000, Adds $1200 in a Single Day

Bitcoin price attained a massive surge on Tuesday, May 14, moving over $8000 levels while attaining a new high in 2019. A massive trading volume of $31 billion is responsible for this Bitcoin rally. Looks like the Bitcoin bulls are in no mood to hear as the world’s largest cryptocurrency […]