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Facebook (FB) Stock Upsurges to All-Year High Prior to Globalcoin Cryptocurrency Launch

Photo: Shutterstock Since Facebook announced the launching of its crypto-related venture, the social media powerhouse has enjoyed recognition like never seen in the past year. Mark Mahaney and Zachary Schwartzman of RBC Capital Markets in an interview by CNBC, stated: “We believe this may prove to be one of the […]

Coinbase Custody Supports Blockchain Capital’s BCAP Security Token

Photo: Coinbase Custody / Twitter In a very brief tweet, Coinbase Custody yesterday announced that now they are fully accepting Blockchain Capital’s security token BCAP for deposits and withdrawals. As they describe themselves, Coinbase Custody “is an independent, NYDFS-regulated entity built on Coinbase’s crypto-first DNA, offering the most sophisticated and […]

CRED: The DeFi App That is Disrupting Lending

Photo: Cred / LinkedIn Cred, formerly known as Libra Credit, is a decentralized lending ecosystem that facilitates access to credit using your cryptocurrency as collateral. With the rise of DeFi (decentralized finance) applications powered by the Ethereum blockchain, Cred is making waves disrupting the traditional lending market. Cred is a […]

Bitcoin Price to Explode Violently Rushing Past $20,000

Photo: Unsplash Current Bitcoin price rally could soon retest the all-time high of $20,000. The head of operations at OKEx, a Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange called $20,000 a “conservative prediction.” According to him, a majority of the speculators will hold their long positions now that Bitcoin is rising. The token has […]

Coinbase Exchange Set to Acquire Xapo for $50 Million

Coinbase, a leading United States-based cryptocurrency exchange is rumoured to be interested in acquiring Xapo, a Hong Kong-based firm providing highly secure bitcoin custodial services to institutional investors via its cold storage vaults, for about $50 million, reports The Block on May 16, 2019. Coinbase Interested in Xapo Per sources […]

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong hints at roll-out of new machine learning based price alert feature

Roger Ver considers Bitcoin Cash to be the actual Bitcoin due to its superiority in comparison to Bitcoin, in terms of transaction settlement time, scalability, and privacy. Bitcoin Cash’s transactions are far more superior than Bitcoin’s due to the implementation of Schnorr Signatures by the former. However, due to various […]

Report: Coinbase Negotiates Acquisition of Xapo’s Bitcoin Custody Business

American major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is reportedly negotiating the acquisition of the bitcoin (BTC) custody business of cryptocurrency wallet provider Xapo, technology-focused media outlet the Block reported on May 16. Sources familiar with the matter reportedly told the Block that Coinbase has been vying with the digital currency wing of […]

Bitcoin ‘Patient Zero’ Claims BTC Has 50% Chance Of Succeeding: Rally To $1 Million

The Bitcoin Rally To $1 Million Bitcoin’s diehards have long seen $1 million as the holy grail for the BTC price. John McAfee, for instance, proudly claimed that if BTC doesn’t reach seven figures by the end of 2020, he would consume his own family jewels… and record it too. […]